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Rainbow Fix Ltd

Based in Marlow, Rainbow Fix Ltd is a gas, heat and plumbing company. Rainbow Fix needed uniform done and this perfectly shows what we can offer for uniform. For this client, there was an embroidered logo on the front left breast and vinyl print on the back. Take a look at the process behind fulfilling this order!


Using our state of the art industrial embroidery machine, we can embroider complex logos and images that have multiple colours. For this instance, the logo featured a multicoloured rainbow. 

Happy Japan Embroidery Screen

The standard position for logos is on the left breast, but you don’t have to be limited! They can be positioned in different areas, such as the back or bottom of the clothing. Check out the video below to see our machines in action!

Embroidery Logo Rainbow Fix LTD

There were some polos that required a large embroidery logo on the back of the polo, which is no problem for our industrial embroidery machines: 

Embroidered Back

Vinyl Print

Once the embroidery is done, the polo shirt is then taken in to be vinyl printed. For a vinyl print, first the design must be cut from a sheet of vinyl and positioned on the garment, when it is placed correctly, the garment is then heated using a heat press: 

Rainbow Fix

Heat Press

Vinyl are ideal for single colour, big designs and so work well for the back of garments as advertisements or simple logos. It is also a popular choice for hen dos or school trips where names/nicknames are placed. For events or tours you can list dates or acts on the back for professional looking merchandise.

Vinyl Back

Vinyl Close Up


Are you interested in getting uniform or clothing that needs embroidery or vinyl? Then don’t hesitate to get in touch through email or by phone. 

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Email – sales@tee-tree.co.uk

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