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Placing the Design

Making A Mouse Mat

Looking to expand our roster of printable merch we can offer, we wanted to see if we could print on mouse mats. So we primed our trusted heat press and got to work! First, we need the design to line up the mat (pictured above) and then once that’s done, place a heat protection sheet on top (pictured below). 

This helps with preventing burns on the design as well as to help spread the heat evenly, an important component of getting a great print finish! 

Heat Press


Close Up

The mat is then clamped shut into the heat press. Once heated, the design layer is then removed to reveal the final product! (See pictured above). Heat pressing works really well for multicoloured designs and can work in a variety of situations. Whether it’s for a gift, or for trade we’re more than happy to fulfil the order. These also make for great beer mats, but for now – we’ll stick with the mouse mat!:


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