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What is Blank Stock? 

Whether you’re looking to embroider, print, vinyl or anything else you will have to use ‘blank stock’. As implied by the name, these are items or garments that don’t have any additional logos or motifs and are specifically made with the idea of being customised. Often they will have hidden zips or areas specifically made for an embroiderer’s hoop and come in a variety of colours, styles, fabrics and quality. So, how do you decide what is best for you? Check out our handy overview on what to consider when choosing your stock. Alternatively, just get in touch and we can advise you! 

Where can you find Blank Stock? 

There are many wholesale companies which offer a variety of garments, some of them include Ralawise, BTC, Uneek and Gildan. There are catalogues available with information and images and are handy to have a browse through.

A thing to consider is that garments work out cheaper per item the more you buy in bulk. So if you’re considering a small-medium run, or one off pieces, it can work out better to talk to us and we can arrange something suited to your budget!  


What is the garment for? Products used for uniform will be a lot different compared with those chosen for a youth fashion brand. Think about what you want to achieve or what you want to do. Some garments are also better with a specific process. Fluffy fleece for example, wouldn’t do so well with vinyl or direct-to-garment prints, but would be suited to embroidery.  

For ultimate flexibility, 100% cotton garments such as t-shirts, are great and can be customised through a variety of processes. 


Linking in closely with ‘Purpose’, style is important and depends heavily on your purpose. There are many different cuts and details which will give an overall look/style. If you’re looking to be more distinctive, say, starting a boutique fashion collection, interesting cuts and smaller details. Likewise, if you’re looking for uniform then more practical elements would be more appropriate. 

There are a surprising range of items, including tops, trousers, workwear, shirts, hoodies, skirts and more. 


Obviously, you want to balance the best of quality and budget. Take your time looking especially if you’re not particular about style or for similar looking items such as unisex t-shirts. Again, we can advise on what stock would be suitable, as we have used a range including the more luxury Continental t-shirts to the industry standard Gildan.


Colour is often overlooked but there are many, many variations. There are also special colours to consider such as fluorescents. Textures such as heather can also impact, but remember to think about what will best suit your logo or customisation.  

Here are just some of the factors when considering blank stock. If you have any queries or considering getting a job done, please just get in touch: 

Telephone. 01494 853 150
General Email Enquiries. sales@tee-tree.co.uk

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