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We had the pleasure of fulfilling a bespoke order for a client’s wedding. They wanted embroidered handkerchiefs with individual’s initials and the date of the wedding. Whilst we’ve never embroidered handkerchiefs before, we were more than happy to complete the job. We first went through a variety of typeface choices (seen pictured above), before the client chose one suitable. 

Since the handkerchief was very delicate, we had to handle them as carefully as possible. Once embroidered, the backing (also known as the stabiliser) had to be carefully removed (as pictured below) to avoid any damages to the fabric. 

The individual handkerchiefs were then packed and sent over to the client – just in time for the wedding! We hope it goes well and wish the future couple all the best. 


If you need an item personalised, whether it’s for a wedding, vinyl, embroidery or any other gift/customisation, then please call or email – one of our team members will happily help with any enquiries you may have.

Telephone – 01494 853 150
Email – sales@tee-tree.co.uk

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