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A Magpie’s Eye

What may be a photographer’s nightmare is a dream for Tee Tree. Our client in Hatton Garden needed some product photography and we were able to fulfil their request – and take a look at some of their incredible jewellery pieces on offer! 

Photographing diamond jewellery is notorious for presenting certain challenges. For example, to get that characteristic sparkle without over exposing. The next is how to position the jewellery upright without seeing any glue, tack, wax or string. Lastly, because of it’s small size, getting all the detail in focus was a challenge. 

Collection of rings

The Set Up

Here is a behind the scenes look at our set up. Whilst there were many challenges to overcome, the upside to taking pictures of such small items was that the set up was much more space saving! Thanks to one of our talented photographers we managed to get through plenty of stunning pieces and look forward to incorporating them into their catalogue.


Photoshoot Diamond

The photos are currently in post production so watch this space to see how our images turn out. 

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