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whiteBULLET was set up with a clear mission: to help Internet intermediaries understand which websites pose a high risk of IP infringement. The complexities of IP infringement and exciting new business models relying on user uploads and third-party IP means understanding the difference between a high-risk website and a licensed channel can be difficult. They provide much-needed transparency and guidance to the digital advertising industry on where to advertise safely.

We worked closely with whiteBullet to create their website, form their brand and other visual assets such quarterly infographics and promotional material.whiteBullet


The website needed to be clear and easy to navigate, with the data taking a forefront. One of the items we continually update is the Quarterly Report. We receive the data from whiteBULLET and from that create relevant graphics that will help present the data in an easier to understand format.  

Whilst whiteBULLET doesn’t require any e-commerce services, we still can provide a variety of other digital services, such as infographics, design, and website development.



If you’ve got a brand or site that you’re interested in developing, or just curious about any of the services we offer, don’t hesitate to get in touch via telephone or e-mail. 

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Email – sales@tee-tree.co.uk

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