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Wristbands – Simple And Versatile 

Wristbands are a great way to keep control of how many people have access to your event and are versatile in their application. We’ve printed wristbands for parties, corporate events, exhibitions, school trips, markets and clubs. Those are just scratching the surface! 

We offer Tyvek wristbands – a synthetic material that’s tough to tear but can be easily cut. This makes it perfect from a security prospective and lessens the risk of unwelcome guests. We provide a wide range of colours, such as fluorescent orange, green, pink to the more unusual metallic gold and silver. 

Currently we offer wristbands that have pre-made designs such as first aid completion, but we also offer custom options for your wristband!

Custom Wristbands 

If you’re looking for custom wristbands you can choose from a variety of colours, and add your logo and text. We also offer two widths of wristband, 19mm and 25mm. If you have any more enquires or want to find out more on the options available on wristbands, just get in touch through email or phone: 

Telephone – 01494 853 150
Email – sales@tee-tree.co.uk

Alternatively, you can visit Wristband Market, a company under Tee Tree Group: 


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